Thursday, September 1, 2011

A New Start

Well, the last month has been a whirlwind adventure that I swore would never happen to me, but once again God laughs at me when I say never.  We have now made the official move to York, NE, even though I thought I was a lifer in Colby.  There has been so many amazing "God Things" that happened along the way and I wanted to share those with you.  With the loss of a job, we decided to take a leap of faith and listed the house to try to sell in a few months to make the move to York, it sold in 4 days!  Aahh, and the buyers wanted in by August 25th.  We accepted the offer and got moving towards starting over.  A realtor showed us houses, lots of them but nothing jumped out then at the end of the day told us she happened to have an apartment up for rent and willing to rent month by month, we accepted it without even seeing it, and I love it! We prayed for a job and Brad got offered a  job as a Crop Consultant with United Farmers Coop., which he had just stopped by and dropped of a resume when we were up looking at houses!  We had tons of help packing the house and loading the uhaul.  We were very worried about what we were going to do once we got up here with unloading it, and a guy that used to buy equipment from Brad called a former pastor that was here for the summer and they lined up 5 guys and 2 ladies to welcome us to York.  The girls started school on Monday and they are so incredibly happy and loving it.  Both have made lots of new friends and are adjusting great.  Remember that in every step of the process, God will take care of the little things.  You just have to watch for all the "God moments" in life!