Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bean Bags

My girls and my daycare girls love bean bags, but I haven't had any except for when we borrowed some and I was to cheap to buy them. So this last weekend I was at my Mom and Dad's to help them out after my Dad's hip surgery and just on a whim was playing with my Mom's sewing machine. I decided to throw some bean bags together (my sister Cara was shocked that I could do that and referred to me as Martha Stewart for the whole process). They turned out so great. Even though I haven't touched a sewing machine in probably 12 years! The seams are not the straightest but man to my kids and the daycare girls love them!


  1. Well look at your Miss Martha and you said you were never the crafty type. I beg to differ. :) I bet the kiddos are having a blast playing with them. You need to link up to some others blogs too.

  2. How do I link up to other blogs. I have no idea what I am doing here.